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Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment Las Vegas

If you suffer from loud snoring or sleep apnea, Las Vegas dentist Dr. Azimi can help!

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What Causes Sleep Apnea

What Causes Sleep Apnea, Snoring

Obstructed Sleep Apnea (OSA), is a potentially serious condition and one that Dr. Azimi has treated successfully for hundreds of patients here in Las Vegas. It is a condition in which the patient stops breathing during sleep, even for as long as two minutes. In severe cases, sleep apnea can occur up to one hundred times per hour.

Dr. Azimi explains that sleep apnea occurs when muscles and soft tissues around the airway relax and collapse while sleeping, thus creating a blockage in the airway. People with this condition often snore loudly and sleep restlessly resulting in a poor night’s sleep for them and their spouse. With that, the effects of OSA can contribute to increased risks associated with diabetes, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, brain injury and dementia.

A Custom Snore Guard Is Our Solution

Although snore guards are available over the counter, our custom snore guards are more comfortable and effective. A snore guard works by holding your tongue in a better position while you sleep, which in turn keeps your airways open. During your consultation, Dr. Azimi will determine the primary cause of your snoring disorder and will then customize a device to be the most effective solution to remedy your snoring issues.

Snore Guard

If you avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety and fear, we can help! To find out more about our sedation dentistry options, call our Charleston Location at (702) 759-0005 or our Durango Location at (725) 735-5100 to discuss how we may be able to help with your dental needs.

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