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Dr. Afshin Azimi, D.D.S.

Welcome to the world of Dr. Azimi, a seasoned dentist whose journey in the field of dentistry has been nothing short of extraordinary. Dr. Azimi's story begins in Austria, where he completed his high school education, laying the foundation for a future dedicated to the pursuit of dental excellence.

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Embarking on his medical education in Vienna, Dr. Azimi soon found himself drawn to the opportunities and challenges offered by the United States. Taking a bold step, he migrated to the U.S., commencing his undergraduate studies at Santa Monica College and later at UCLA, majoring in biochemistry.

Undeterred by challenges, Dr. Azimi's passion for dentistry led him to the prestigious USC School of Dentistry, where he successfully graduated in 1996. In pursuit of professional growth, he made Las Vegas his home in 1997, establishing a thriving private practice that has since become synonymous with exceptional dental care.

Dr. Azimi's commitment to excellence extends beyond his practice, encompassing extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and implant surgery. His expertise is not only evident in the radiant smiles of his patients but also in the knowledge he imparts to fellow dentists. For a decade, Dr. Azimi served as an instructor at Esthetic Professionals, where he played a pivotal role in advancing the skills of other dentists in the realms of cosmetic dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation. His dedication to the art and science of dentistry is palpable, making him a trusted figure in the dental community and a go-to resource for patients seeking transformative smiles.

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